How To Use New “Invite & Earn” Feature

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How To Use “Invite And Earn” Feature

Are you looking for ways to earn maximum points in Contasty? Do you aspire to become a leader in your friends? Contasty has introduced a new ‘Invite and Earn’ feature that enables you to get 250 coins for inviting your friend and your friend will also get 250 coins for redeeming your coupon code. Want to know how? Read more here...

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New “Invite And Earn” Feature In Contasty!

Yes! You heard it right. In order to make the Contasty app more fun and fingerlicious, we have introduced a new feature to “Invite And Earn” as much coins as you can. Now gain 250 more coins in Contasty by simply inviting your friends and redeeming your friend’s code in your app.

How To Invite Friends?

Here are the few points which will tell you how you can get benefitted with 250 coins by simply inviting your friends.

  • First generate your code by going into ‘Invite and Earn’ option in the Contasty’s left menu
  • Choose “Invite Friends” on the screen
  • Choose how you want to invite your friends, by touching on the social app icons (e.g. Whatsapp, facebook, etc) and choose his/ her name
  • A message will be sent automatically to your friends from Contasty, with your invitation code. Ask him/ her to redeem your Promotional Code for 250 coins.
  • These points will get reflected in your scoreboard as soon as the coupon will be redeemed.
So, Isn’t it easy Folks?

How To Redeem Promotional Code In Contasty?

New to Contasty? Your friends are already leading and making contest? Gain 250 coins now specially for you! Just redeem your friend’s promotional invitation code and get 250 coins for free.
  • Install Contasty in your phone
  • Go to “Redeem Your Code” in the Contasty menu.
  • Type the promotional invitation code of your friend which you have received in the invitation
  • Get 250 coins in your Scoreboard for free

Now start the amazing and tasty journey of Contasty with your friends. Do not forget to make more coins by simply voting and making as much contests as you can. Be a leader and earn highest points in your friends.


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