Contasty Introduces Profile Feature

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Have you always urged to follow someone’s contests on Contasty? Wanna know something more about the person who always vote in your contest? Update to Contasty’s latest version and get access to the latest ‘Profile Feature’ update of Contasty. If you do not see this feature in Contasty now, please update your app.

Fasten your seatbelts as you are soon going to take off for an exciting journey of Contasty. Yes, you have read it right. Now you can check anyone’s profile on Contasty. This isn’t it. Many new features has also been introduced. Lets’ take a look:

Now update to Contasty’s latest version and get access to all these features in your favorite comparing mobile app:

  • Check anyone’s profile on Contasty. Just touch the picture and get to know his/her followers, followings and Contests.
  • Follow anyone on Contasty. Like someone’s contest? Touch follow and get notified about all their contests.
  • Unfollow anyone. Don’t like the person whom you were following earlier. Just unfollow them.
  • Wanna Know who is following your friend? Get a detailed list of anyone’s follower (people who are following your friend) and followings (people whom your friend is following) by simply opening their profile and followings/ follower list.

So gear up Contestarians! Start following your favorite contest creators...

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